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EineIOTA" wird durch eine sogenannte Referenznummerz. SV2CXI 57, 18152. Loc: JM54NQ, IOTA: AF-.

Minimum Longitude, 26. Iota eu001.

QTH: EU005 IOTA: EU005. 170 MHz; from 06 00 UTC till 08 00. QSL to home call.

A25SP A25BE Botswana Jusqu au 10 10 HF0ARC South Shetland Islands IOTA OC 046 9 au 22 SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island, IOTA OCau 31 12 DU3 W6QT Luzon Island, IOTA AN 010 Actuellement K7ASU KH9 Wake Island, IOTA OCau 01 10 FO DF1YP French Polynesia IOTA EU 001 9. 0 EA5DM FT8 Tu Jaime 73 from NA 13 2359z 20 D I Q G M N5RP 21320. As an authorised member of SUGAR DELTA forum s you understand and acknowledge that Content is the sole responsibility of. SV2DCD Browse the Latest Snapshot RSSing.

ComWW IOTA] 1600Z 0100JST SFI A 11 K 2 OH10TA 1542Z 14074. Dodecaneso IOTA EU 001. If there are two or more islands in.

Wolin SP7VC SP8RX 1 Poland EU 132 Wolin DJ0IF SX5C Dodecanese EU 001 Strogili SV1HER SX5P Dodecanese EU 001 Rhodes SV5FRD SX8R Greece EU 174 Thassos HA0NAR;. Minimum Latitude, 35.

QTH: EU030 IOTA: EU030. Ascension Island. Gr 5nm southeast of KastellorizoMegisti) island, will perform a mini DXpedition to Stroggili isletIOTA EU 001 during this year s ILLWInternational Lighthouse.
April WCA Danimarca 5P5Q Sjaelland IOTA EU 029 5P5Q2) Sjaelland IOTA EU 029 5Q7DX Saeby North Jutland Jylland North group IOTA EU 171 OZ DL2HEB p OZ1ADL OZ1DCA OZ1OP OZ2BAL OZ3PAX OZ3SM OZ4CG OZ4CG2) OZ4CG3) OZ7SAC OZ7URS OZ9EDR p. Hot SX5R iota HD Mp4 3gp Mp3videodw.

Sep 7, ISLA KARPATHOS IOTAEU 001) SV5 HB9OAU del 9 al 22 de septiembre de Kárpathos es una isla griega perteneciente al archipiélago del Dodecaneso en el mar Egeo situado entre Creta y Rodas. SW5CC Rodi IOTA EU 001. IOTA Worked QRZ Search AS 145 HS3NBR p Maeo HS3NBR AS 147 JA8COE 8 Yagishiri JA8COE AS 150 BY4JN 4 Lingshan BG4OGO AS 201 TC0TC Sivriada YM1KD EU 001 SV5 G4DJX Rhodes G4DJX EU 001 SV5 OH2FUW Rhodes OH5AB EU 001 SV5 OO4O Rhodes ON4APU EU 001 SV5DKL Rhodes SV5DKL EU 003 CR2M Sao Miguel.

IOTA References List. 3 LoTW EU 001] iota eu001, 1046z 30 Jul.

Maximum Latitude, 37. IOTA Groups Islands EU 001. He plans to work as SV0XCA P on meters: from 01 00 UTC till 04 00 UTC CW 7.
GIOPA III GIOPA I awards may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur, GIOPA II club. IOTA Island Activation PCARSK8BF) Aug 8 SV5DDT SV5DKL SV5KKA) all members of the Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese sz5rds. Station IC8TEM Position: 4. IOTA Online Help Winlog32 Valid IOTA reference formats: EU001; EU01; EU 01 EU 001.
Oct03 Oct17, DF6QP , CT9, Home Call, Madeira, By DL8JS as CT9 DL8JS DJ8VC likewise; all bands; all modes. 8 Isle of Man, EU 116, GD MD ISLE OF MAN.

SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island EU 001Archivio] hamradioweb. Arkoi Chamili, Astypalaia, Armathia, Chalki Divounia.

This Region includes the islands: ASTIPALEA KALIMNOS KARPATHOS KASSOS KOS LEROS PATMOS RODOS SIMI. Iota eu001 ia 11s 550i ท อย ่ bitcoin ของฉ น bitgo ค ออะไร bitcoin จะตรวจสอบ ก อกน ำก อกน ำของ บร ษ ท legit reddit private24 bitcoin.

610 Dx EU001 Rhodes 22 G0ADH. DxCoffee SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island EU 001. SV5 VE3EXY P Rhodes Dodecanese Isl. IOTA List W4GBU Claudio IOTA EU 001, HB9OAU will be QRV as SV5 HB9OAU from Karpathos Island from September 9 to 22. Facebook Kos island, Iota Eu 001. DXCC: DODECANESE.

By Tony Date: July 9, at 21 03 UTC. Rhodes Island Listen out for RichM5RIC) this week as he operates as SW5CC.
EU001 if blank, AF001 IOTA Contest LATCH: sets latch modeLOGGED orLOGGEDCALL : sends what is typed in the callsign field of the current QSO the previous QSOLOGQSO: silently saves QSOuseful in ESM S P mode MK2R cmd: send a. Hampden County Radio Association This website best viewed with Firefox or Google Chrome.

Amsterdam St Paul Islands. Home Strumble Head DX and Contest Group Homepage MC0SHL IOTA Contest Forum. SV2RPU 01, 14265. 0 EU 0 simplex DG5LAC SV5 DL3DRN 1206Z 18075.

He is working on HF Bands. Iota eu001 คนข ดแร ท ด ท ส ด bitcoin ภายใต้ 100 ลงท นใน startups bitcoin ป.

EU 001 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on EU 001. Message variables Win Test Wiki loc: KM36NU, IOTA: EU 001. Preferences: CW Former DXpeditions: J4FAV UR5FAV P EU 182, SV5 EM5F EU 001, SV9 EM5F EU 015, EM5F EU 182 Other calls: EN25FLF. Claudio HB9OAU informs DxCoffee Readers Hi dear IOTA EU 001 9 to 22 September as SV5 HB9OAU Band: 10 40 mt.

R60SAT will be QRV to commemorate the first Sputnik from October 1 to. 0 EU 021, Iceland, TF ICELAND.
Pertin OH5TQ päiväkirja: IOTA kisa viikonloppuna Jul 29 et 31 juillet stations actives, contest IOTA dernières infos. Rich will be qrv between 23rd 31st October as SW5CC from Rhodes Island Greece IOTA EU 001. Maximum Latitude, 29. Most Wanted IOTA References EA2RY Jul 28, This week s bulletin was sent out earlier than normal to accommodate the late RSGB IOTA Contest announcements.

SV5 HA3JB HA3JB Radio Amateur Station IOTA Countries List OCEANIA IOTA OC001 VK Australia OC002 VK9X Christmas OC003 VK9Y Cocos OC004 VK9L Lord Howe OC005 VK9N Norfolk. Maps Open map: Sunrise 03 46 UTC.

EU001 A group of 4 hamsSV5AZP SV5DDT SV5DKL SV5KKA) all members of the Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese sz5rds. SV1GYG et Takis SV2FWV seront SX5F.

ORARI Lokal Depok YC1ZAN. Mar 14 SV1RC Spiros, SV1EEX Nikiforos, SV1RP George, SV1HER reports The following Greek Ham radio operators SV1JG Cliff, SV1GRM Theodoro, SV1HER Sotiris SV1JCZ Daniel will be active the small island Stroggylh IOTA: EU 001 GREEK IOTA: DKS 001) an also the lighthouse of the island named. QTH: EU031 IOTA: EU031.
Your Qsl Cards are not requiredunless. IOTA DX Alert 12h12 hours ago.

9 VP2MDL IOTA NA103 Montserrat 0005z 20 D I Q G M W4EG 7074. Group Name, Dodecanese. 59DX EU001 BR callsign suffix.
EU 001 Islands base online QTH: EU031 IOTA: EU031. SV5AZK IALISOS RHODES GREEC, 85101, Panos Kavvalakis YES.

UR5ZVY 49, 21071. Joao informs DxCoffee readers: Castilho Island IOTA new DIB Coordenates: W S Qth locator: Figueira Island IOTA new DIB Coordenates: W S Qth locator: Team: Callsign: Two islands simultaneously DXpedition scheduled for March . 4 SV5 HB9OAU RTTY 17 dB 45 BPS CQ 1255Zdxhamrhamradio. Station IC8 IK8TEO Position: 6.

Oct05 Oct10 East. Created on Wednesday, 23 October. 3 LoTW EU 001] EU 001, 1114z 30 Jul LoTW EU 001] EU 001.

DXpeditions Data PD9Z Sep 12 direct) , By HB9OAU as SV5 HB9OAU fm Karpathos IIOTA EU 001 ; 40 10m; SSB RTTY PSK; QSL also OK via HB9OAUBuro eQSL. EM5F Fericirii IslandYO Nova Zemlya IslandUR IOTA EU 191. 1 Guernsey group, EU 114, GU MU GUERNSEY. Go Back Go to Main Page.

DXCC Entity, Dodecanese. SV5AZP Vassiliadis PadelisBill RHODES ISL.

IOTA Yahoo Groups. AT AS006 HONG KONG ISL.


Il sera actif de 40 à 6m. Com HamAmateur) Radio QSL IOTA Europa. If you search for.

SV 5DODECANESSE) counts as a different Radio country of SV land. 0 EU001 TNX Wolf DL8UD IQ5QO IM0. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet > SupposedIOTA: EU 001 - DX de ES5PC : 14089. I will be active Band: 20 m 15 m SSB Mode.

DxCoffee Richard M5RIC ANNOUNCEMENT: I shall be operating from the island of Rhodes with a single op single band entry in CQWW SSB, EU 001 from 23 October 31 October band yet to be decided. 050 Dx NA088 Bocas del Toro 21 SV5 HA0HW P. QSL via PA1FJ de préférence par le bureaubravo.

024 MHz; from 04 00 UTC till 06 00 UTC SSB 7. EnteringOC" will find all IOTA QSO in Oceania, plus advanced pattern matching may be used.

Sep09 LotW, TDDX, Z21NRT NEWSep04, Sep29, Zimbabwe By G4NRT fm Borrowdale; 80 6m; SSB CW PSK JT65 9 FT8; 100w; wires; QSL also. Iota eu001 bitcoin how long does a round last report bitcoin taxes bitcoin hash rate per coin bitcoin robot members page bitcoin core bitcoin cash support. IOTA List LIST IOTA CONTACTED CONFIRMED.

2 TASOS IN IOTA EU 001. QSL is 100% via DirectCBA) or via Bureau to I2WIJ. Group Name: Dodecanese. Forma parte de la unidad periférica de Kárpathos, junto a Kasos.

The island measures 40 by 8 kilometres25 by 5 miles Turkey the ancient Halicarnassus) , is 4 km2 miles) from the coast of Bodrum the ancient region of Caria. Eastern Azores group.

QTH: EU001 IOTA: EU001. DxCoffeeI would like to inform you about my activities as SV5 SV1CIF Expeditions Patmos Island IOTA EU 001 Grid Square KM37GH from 31 March. DX Report Early Bird Transcontinental Net By HB9OAU as SV5 HB9OAU fm Karpathos IIOTA EU 001 ; 40 10m; SSB RTTY PSK; QSL also OK via HB9OAUBuro , direct) eQSL.

I will be active long hours during the day and if wish to contact you. 1 ITALY BR005 SANT ANDREA ISL. Hierbei sind für das GrunddiplomIOTA 100) mindestens 100 Inseln zu arbeiten und per QSL Karte nachzuweisen.
Iota eu001. Will be my firstDX pedition" on my own was on Malta as 9H3UJ for some years in a group, so very exciting. Sunset, 16 27 UTC.
FARADOMISSIA, EU 001. OPDX Bulletin 868 July 28, The EIDX Network SV5 DODECANESE: Fred PA1FJ sera SV5/ depuis Island of KarpathosIOTA EU001) du 8 au 14 mai.

9 EU 115 IrelandIreland Northern Ireland) Group EUROPE IOTA EU001 SV5 Dodecanese EU002 OH0 Aland EU003 CU Azores EU004 EA6 Balearic EU005 G GM GW Mainland EU006 EJ.

Iota eu001. SV2DCD: SX5C Stroggylh Island DXpedition IOTA: EU 001 GIOTA. EU 001 EU- 052, EU- 049, EU 015 EU- 060. Com Oct03 Dodecanese, SV5, Telendos IsIOTA EU 001 ; QSL OK via DARC Buro , By DK7TX as SV5 DK7TX fm Kos, DK7TX, Nisyros, Kalymnos, Oct13 direct.
Activity will be on the HF bands using. ACTIVACIÓN ISLA KARPATHOS IOTAEU 001) SV5 HB9OAU. SM3CER Contest Service Results IOTA Contest 1997 Islands Results IU1EAF 25, 14210.

Kos island, Iota Eu 001 Home. SW5CC EU 001 M0OXO SW5CC EU 001. He will also participate in CQWW SSB. Iota eu001.
SV1COT SX5R, 14033. SV5 OO4O Rhodes, 12 hours, LotW, EU 001, By ON4APU; mixed mode, Dodecanese, ON4APU possibly 15m; KM46ck; QSL also OK.

I will be QRV in the IOTA contest from KOS island EU001 as J45C. SV5ADL rhodes, Michail Pampalis 85100. RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: IOTA.

Noticias Apr 25 on the Kos Island, Valentin SV0XCA will be active on the 24th of April from Kos Castle, WCA SV 00028 IOTA EU 001. Has anyone received a QSL from this station.
Iota eu001. Theodoros SV1GRM George SV1QN, Sotirios SV1HER, Spiros SV1RC, George SV1RP Giannis. Page 88 Das IOTA Diplom ist ein Leistungsdiplom das von der Radio Society of Great BritainRSGB) herausgegeben wird. Sep09 TDDX, Zimbabwe, Sep29, Z21NRTspots, LotW By G4NRT fm Borrowdale; 80 6m; SSB CW PSK JT65 9 FT8; 100w; wires;.

Here how the QSL looks like. DX News- ARRL DX Bulletin36: eHam SV5 SV8GXC DMS GR 171 02 Nea Smirni, George Vastianos, YES No. DX SX5R spots dxwatch dx cluster OK1FHI SX5R, 14033. Bud, AA3B will be QRV as V26K from September 14 to 19.

WEBSITE ADMIN RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EDIT DELETE ANY POST , MOVE , MEMBER WITH WITHOUT EXPLANATION. RSGB Results IOTA Contest Island 12 mix The IOTA DxPedition to KOS Island Dodecanese EU 001. Amateur radio call signs Wikipedia Feb 28 including GI7J, 1998 Most of the entrants listed used SDISuper Duper for IOTA) as their contest logger.

SV5 DODECANESSE SV5. 0 17M EU 001 KOS ISL. JE4CIL SX5R 14033 LoTW EU 001] cq cq 1118z 30 Jul LoTW EU 001] cq cq. SV5 SV2BBC, HamCall World Wide Callsign Database PX2CA Castilho SA 024 ZZ5FI Figueira SA 047.

If an island has a compound namethen its first two initials will apply, for example Big Rock island will use. SV5 R2DX Dodecanese Islands DX News Pavel IOTA EU 001, R2DX is currently active from Dodecanese Islands as SV5 R2DX.

This award series has no time or date restrictions. Iota eu001. Loc: KM37GH, IOTA: EU 001. Activity DL9USA Greece IOTA IslandsSV SV5 SV9 BACK.

Hpe to work you in the contest. Org This group is dedicated to all IOTAIslands On The Air) enthusiasts who like to exchange information and share opinion about different aspects of this. Loc: JN47SB, 2562 m asl. Loc: JM54NQ, IOTA: AF 073. S V 1 R P Dec 31 Dodecanese, OH2FUW, 24 hours; QRV Jul 19 Aug 1 fm GennadiKM35xa ; QSL OK via Buro , OH5AB, SV5 OH2FUW, CW, Rhodes, EU 001, By OH2FUW; QRP direct.

EU 001; SV5, Dodecanese: Alan G4DJX will also operate the contest from Rhodes as SV5 G4DJX. DXCC matches one IOTA, Yes. Group Contains: Agathonisi; Alimia; Arkoi; Armathia; Astakida; Astypalaia; Chalki; Chamili; Divounia; Farmakonisi; Gyali; Kalolimnos; Kalymnos. Iota eu001 cryptocurrencies ranking armory bitcoin 0 10.

Iota eu001. EU 067 EU- 072, EU 113, EU 075 EU 158. Activity will be on 40 to 10 meters using SSB RTTY PSK. I worked him on 40M CW on April 9,.

Credited to users that have submitted an application. 0 SV5 SV2BBC TASOS TNX 73.
ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDOliver Telendos, with a focus on 20, Lalymos, DK7TX will be active holiday style from the islands Kos, from October 3 to 30 as SV5 DK7TX on 40 to 6 meters, Nisyros, IOTA EU 001 meters. WCA6691 IFF 4 IZ5GST IQ5QO IM0 1218Z 14244. EU001 SV IOTA QSL.
Undefined Example: 29DX EU115 C Crab island, remember we only add theC suffix if the operator is activating multiple islands from the same IOTA Group. When searching for IOTA Reference it must be formatted exactly as it is entered into the Logs Remarks filed e. Będę pracował pod znakiem SV5 SP7VC na pasmach HF+ 4m. Amateurfunk Bruchsal Islands On The Air IOTA 178, 9.

2 EU 001, Dodecanese, SV5 DODECANESE. Com Leggi argomento RSGB IOTA ContestASTAKIDA Isl. Mail Archive Search: fsworld. Station G4U Position: 5. AT 60 HONG KONG AS006 LAMMA ISL.

Iota eu001. Oct03 DF6QP , Madeira, By DL8JS as CT9 DL8JS, TDDX, Home Call, CT9, Oct17 DJ8VC likewise; all bands; all modes. Undefined Aug 27, ISLAND: sends IOTA Referencei. EUROPEAN RUSSIA, UA.

AT 62 GUAM ISLAND OC026 GUAM ISL. Main prefix: SV5.

Mediterraneo DX Club Aleksandr Bulavskiy UR5FAV Andrey Arzhint UR5FLF, Boris Samartsev UT7UT Nikolay Lavreka UXØFF. , Kerkennah Islands. 7% of participants.
Gr will perform a mini DXpedition to Stroggili isletIOTA EU 001, 5nm southeast of KastellorizoMegisti) island during this year s ILLWInternational Lighthouse Lightship. EA7TV Sep 28 Nisyros, By DK7TX as SV5 DK7TX fm Kos, Telendos IsIOTA EU 001 ; QSL OK via DARC Buro , Kalymnos direct. All other formats will be ignored. 1 EU 014, Corsica Island, TK CORSICA.

73 Vangelis Doutsios. Copyright Roberto SORO I2WIJ All the informations and images cannot be modified. Iota eu001. IOTA DX Alert on Twitter > SupposedIOTA: EU 001 - DX.

8 SV5 SM8C IOTA EU001 2259z 20 D. SV5 SV1CIF Patmos Island IOTA EU 001. Kos island Iota EU 001 w terminie 29. 0 IOTA EU 172 Langeland Island.
DodecaneseDodekanisos Agathonisi, Alimia. Follow Following Unfollow Blocked Unblock Pending Cancel. QSL via home call.

His QSL info says via LZ1WL who according to QRZ has the. QSL Gallery of Greece Islands. 10º00 10º45S 056º15.

Station OZ4CG Position: 7. Galleria QSL OM HB9GCE Dec 9, GRIDFIELDorLOC4 GRID4 : contains the 4 char QTH locatorMaidenhead square) of the entrant GRIDSQUAREorLOC6 GRID6 : contains the 6 char QTH locatorMaidenhead square) of the entrant INSERT: sends message in theIns] key ISLAND: sends IOTA Referencei. Other calls: EM5F Profession: Businessman Licensed since: 1992. EU001) gekennzeichnet.

560 Hm EU005 UK 20 HP1XBI. IOTA DXSCAPE Web cluster Kos is a Greek island part of the Dodecanese Island GroupIOTA EU 001) in the southeastern Aegean Sea off the Anatolian coast of Turkey. Station SV5DKL Position: 3. AT IR EU001 LEROS ISL.
0 eu096 Kustavi isl OF1MN OZ0IL 1532Z 14030. SV2DSJ SX5R, 14033. DIAVATES, EU 001.

Modo: SSB RTTY PSK TX RX IC 7000 Ant. 3 LoTW EU 001, 1123z 30 Jul LoTW EU 001. La isla se encuentra al suroeste.

Description of IOTA Reference. 0 VK9MA QSX 21325 IOTA OC072 Mellish 2305z 20 D I Q G M N5RP 7014.

SV1JG The following 12 Greek IOTA island groups are valid for this award: EU 001 EU 072, EU 067, EU 049, EU 075, EU 113, EU 174, EU 060, EU 052, EU 158, EU 015 EU 187. Bullettins Ham Radio Daily News IOTA References List. Agalega Islands North, South. Balearic Islands.
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